Privacy Policy

The Customer is required to carefully read the following information about Privacy Protection Law: the laws regulating the Privacy Policy of the Site are enforced whenever a Customer accesses the Site, decides to browse its pages and to use the offered services, regardless of Product(s) purchase. SOUND OF CREMONA srl’s Privacy Policy is in compliance with the regulation as per art. 13 del D. Lgs. 196/2003, named “Codice in materia di trattamento dei dati personali”.

SOUND OF CREMONA. SOUND OF CREMONA S.p.A. declines any responsibility in case of mistakes, contents, cookies, publications displaying immoral or illegal contents, advertising, banners of files which are not in compliance with laws in force and to the Privacy Protection on the side of websites out of SOUND OF CREMONA S.p.A. owner’s management.

Holder and Data Processing Management

SOUND OF CREMONAs.r.l., with registered address in via Mauro Macchi 2a, 26100 Cremona, Italy, is responsible for data processing.

The personal data provided by the Customer may be transferred to a third party exclusively for reasons related to the fulfillment of required services and institutional activities or operations connected with the activity carried out by SOUND OF CREMONA s.r.l.

In particular, the data which SOUND OF CREMONA s.r.l. processes might be used:

for purposes connected with law obligations or rules provided by European Community laws as well as provisions given by authorities legitimated by law to this purpose;

for the purchase of Products by filling in the special order form;

for the orders delivery;

in order to provide assistance services and customer care support;

for the registration to the Site, through the connected registration form and to supply access services to reserved areas;

for functional aims connected with SOUND OF CREMONA s.r.l.’s activities, for which the Customer has the right to accept or refuse the data processing; these purposes include, for example: forwarding of advertising material, news, promotional offers, data for statistic purposes, data processing to create Customers’ profile.

In connection to the above mentioned purposes, the processing activities are carried out by people in charge by using data processing systems and telecommunication tools with software processing and database filing. All processing modalities are directed to criteria and principles strictly connected with the Site aims and, anyway, SOUND OF CREMONA S.p.A. ensures Customers about privacy and data security

Compulsory or optional nature of required information and collected data. he Customer’s personal data must be required and collected and have to be provided compulsory for the purposes described in a), b), c), d) and e). In these cases the denial of acceptance will prevent the conclusion of the purchase agreement, thus, the orders or services requests will be not executed by SOUND OF CREMONA s.r.l..

Failing the consent of optional data processing for the purposes described in f) this will not involve any prejudicial consequence. In order to facilitate the identification of the compulsory nature of the required data, the relative field will be marked by an asterisk (*).

Subjects and categories of subjects whom data may be transmitted:

In order to fulfil the contractual obligations, as well as in order to supply the offered services, SOUND OF CREMONA s.r.l. also cooperates with external companies, involved in activities strictly connected and functional to the fulfillment and the performance of settled agreements and offered services such as, for instance.

Management of Customers’ files; Customers relationship; Shipping and carrier companies concerning the delivery and customs formalities; Bank institutes for the management of credit collections and payments; Financial administrations and other institutions in execution of rule obligations; Companies and legal firms for the protection of rights pertaining to contractual relationships: Freelancers connected with administrative and bookkeeping accomplishments; Post services; Companies related to SOUND OF CREMONA s.r.l.. for market analyzing, marketing activities and communication. The treatment of data processing by these subjects is directed to the fulfillment of instructions received from the Customers and/or to the filing on data processing supports. The data may be communicated to all the subjects to whom the communication is due according to law obligations. Customer’s rights According to art. 7 D.lgs. 196/2003 the Customer has the right to access the following information:

Confirmation of the existence/non-existence of personal data regarding the Customer, even if not already registered, and their communication in an intelligible format.

indication of:

the source of personal data;

the purposes and the modalities of data processing;

the policy applied in case of data processing through electronic tools;

the essential identity data of the owner, of the subjects in charge of data processing and the designate representative according to art. 5, comma 2;

the subjects or the subject categories to whom the data are capable of being communicated or who are allowed to be informed as designed representatives inside the state’s territory, as in charge of or delegate.

The interested party has the right to obtain:

the updating, the rectification, or rather, in case of interest, the integration of data;

the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the data processing in infringement of the law, including those for which the preservation isn’t needed in relation to the aims for which such data have been collected and then processed;

the statement that the subjects whom the data were communicated or released have been informed about the operations described in a) and b), also for what concerns their content, excepted those cases for which the fulfilment is impossible or requires excessive means compared with the protected right.

The interested party has the right to oppose, completely or partly:

the data processing concerning the individual legitimate reasons, even if relevant to the collection purpose;

the data processing regarding the individual for the forwarding of advertising material, for direct selling, to the fulfillment of marketing or commercial communication.